Lexi Gardner’s work explores the importance of nature around humanity and explores her own human relationships with the people who have made the strongest impacts in her life through the use of different mediums and materials. Lexi spend as much time as she can outside and admires nature for being all around us and deep within us. As human beings, we are inseparable from nature since our bodies, lives and minds depend on the air we breathe and the food we eat. It’s what sustains us and without both the living and nonliving aspects of the world around us, we would be nothing. With her work, Lexi shows her immense appreciation for this with the inclusion of her favorite outdoor views and symbols of natural elements that connect with one another. In her figurative work, she evokes various emotions and illustrates some of her most impactful human relationships with herself, her family members, and friends through making them the subjects of her art pieces. Some of her other artistic projects also include references to current society and personal experiences.