Beer Cans (Boombox Brewing Co.)

These beer cans are a conceptual designs for the beer manufacturer I invented, Boombox Brewing Company. The individual designs in this beer line are meant to represent a variety of music genres, including Country, Reggae, and EDM. Other genres would include Pop, Hip-Hop, and Rock. 

Monster Movie Marathon

These advertisements promote the fictional movie marathon event, Monster Movie Marathon, run at the Tampa Theater and giving credit to Universal Studios. This series includes 6 movie posters, an outdoor billboard, and a social media post, all without showing the monster itself. I also created a program including movie times and synopses that would be provided at the event. 

Museum Artist Exhibition Catalog (Heather Polk's "Art C.U.R.E.S All")

For this project, I created an exhibition catalog dedicated to the artist, Heather Polk. “Art C.U.R.E.S All” is Polk’s brainchild. “C.U.R.E.S” is an acronym for Creativity Unleashed Rewards Every Soul. This exhibition will be held at The Hirshhorn and display her artwork centered around supporting caregivers in creating with their own hands and being vulnerable. 

Click the image for the full catalog PDF.

"Interstate" Type Specimen Book

Typographic Book Covers (Hunger Games Trilogy)

Juicy Joker Hair Salon Logo

This is a logo created from the random combination of two words and a service: JUICY, JOKER, and HAIR SALON. I created a logo that would represent the adjective and noun, while also reflecting the feel of the service.

Corporate Gift (Nature Backs)

This corporate gift is for the clothing brand, Nature Backs— a brand that “strives to inspire everybody to be adventurous and wander into the unknown.” The. cards and packaging are cohesive with a travel backpack filled with inspirational phrases and graphics inspired by nature. This gift will be distributed out to the consumers, who are made up of travelers and explorers, as a thank you on the company’s 6 year anniversary. 

Lost Arts Exhibition Mockup (Bambi 1942)

This concept was created for a unique exhibition event based on a “lost art.” I chose to celebrate 80 years of the classic film, Bambi (1942) while helping to protect Maine’s wildlife in a fight against climate change with a museum installation at the Portland Museum of Art.  The designs are based on Disney Animator Jake Day’s art from the original film, inspired by  the state of Maine. Designs include a poster, event invitation,  indoor and outdoor gallery mockups, and an assorted gift box for guests.

Click the image to view the up-close product designs.

City Rebrand (Boston, MA)

After an initial brand audit it was determined that the City of Boston needed a new brand identity that places more focus on the distinctiveness of historic architecture of the city. 

The city currently uses a color palette of bright red, blue, and a grounding white, to represent their “certain boldness.” 

 I believe that it is possible to carry out this same level of boldness and efficiently represent history using different colors. In my work, I rebranded the city of Boston using the colors, dark teal, brown, and burnt orange. I also used typography that reflects beautiful scenery and old history in a rustic style. My design deviates away from the well-known sport scene and places more focus on Boston’s historic architecture.

Click on the image to view the full set of city rebrand materials.

Concert Posters (Put Your Phone Down!)

This poster series shows opposing perspectives of a topic/issue I am interested in. The middle poster will raise awareness or start a conversation about the topic as the left and right positioned posters will be the two opposing viewpoints.

These posters focus on the concert experience and how people decide to either hold up their phones to videotape, or put them away to enjoy the live experience. They are designed to grab the attention of teenagers and young adults, as they are most likely to share the smartphone videos with their friends or on social media. The center poster includes quotes of famous performers (Bob Dylan, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Roger Waters, and Jack White), discussing their opinions against phone use at their concerts.

Didot & Montserrat Typographic Posters

Lyric Panels ("In My Life" by The Beatles)

“In My Life” a warm-hearted and nostalgic song about looking back on life as a whole, remembering all the places I have experienced and all the people that have made an impact on my life. The song also expresses a love to someone more important than anything else, so for me, that someone is my family as a whole. The song also reminds me that people come and go, and that I should appreciatively focus on the present because the memories will have a lasting impact.

To reflect the song’s significance to me, I painted and collaged a life journey on a series of canvases. 

A Day In The Life: Quarantine Edition (Booklet)